Yakitori Column

Clayton Ripley

  • Clayton was born in Winnipeg in the state of Manitoba, Canada on December 4, 1970 where he lived up until 1991. Brought up on jazz music, Clayton studied music theory and business etiquette at Brandon University after which he worked for several years as a financial adviser before traveling to Japan in 1999. In 2002 Clayton married Kaori, and is currently teaching English and working as a musician in Japan. Interests include weightlifting, motor bikes, wind surfing, golf and performing jazz (Clayton also performs live in bars). His favorite foods include sashimi and kawara sob

Robert Buchanan

  • Robert was born on June 3, 1985 and raised in Auckland, New Zealand. He started learning Japanese in 1998 and spent nine months as an exchange student at the Fukuoka Daiichi High School where he gained an interest in Japanese culture and cuisine. His favorite Japanese foods included oyakodon and umeshu (plum wine). He still occasionally makes oyakodon back home in Auckland where he is now based. Robert graduated from the University of Auckland in 2007, and currently works for an organization dedicated to improving the laws, private sector companies and the financial markets of developing countries on islands in the Asian Pacific. Robert speaks both the standard and the local Fukuoka dialect and dreams of one day working in Japan. His favorite sports include rugby and the WWE.