Yakitori Column

vol 06My Japan Holiday Part2

The second half of my holiday was spent in Kyushu. I left my friends in Tokyo where they had to catch the train to Narita Airport and return to New Zealand from there. Don’t worry, I helped them practice buying their train tickets, and finding the correct platform. Surprisingly, they did manage to return to New Zealand safely.

While my friends were spending their final day in Japan without their guide, I was busy trying lots of different food in Fukuoka. Revolving sushi, nabe and Fukuoka’s own Tonkotsu ramen… all of it was good!

▲Conveyor-belt sushi of Fukuoka

I also had the opportunity to visit Kitakyushu and meet all of the hard working people at Toko Foods, and try some really great Yakitori! Thank you very much!