History of chicken & Yakitori

Silky Foul and its amazing nutrition

Miracle Bird, Silky Foul

Silky Fowl has been used as ingredients for Chinese healthy and beauty dish as Chinese herbal medicine, for over 1,500 years. It was introduced to Japan in Edo Era (1607–1867) by one of the books of Chinese herbal medicine. Although silky fowl was natural monument in Japan in 1942, people were allowed to eat silky fowls, because they were not specified national monument. There are a lot of theories where silky fowl was originally from, which includes India, China, Vietnam etc. However, non of them were distinctive. The history of Silky Fowl is still covered by veil of mistery.

‘Excessive birds need excessive care’

Silky fowls are covered by white & smooth feather, their feet are also covered with them. So they are also called ‘Silky’. Compare to normal chicken, normal chicken has 5-6 fingers on other foot, but silky fowl have 5- 6 per foot. What more, they need twice more time to rear than normal chicken, but they are usually smaller than normal chicken. Silky fowls are valuable and need extra care. They also have sulfur-crested on top of their head as a characteristic feature. Its shaped like flower petal.

Secrets of black of silky fowl

Another feature of the silky fowls is, that they are colour; dark violet-brown, not only their skin, bone, meat, organs, and also ovary & mountain oysters. The reason is melanin. Melanin observes ultraviolet rays. They have melanin all over their body. Their meat has very low fat, and includes a lot of collagen, vitamin A, iron and DHA. They have a lot of nutrition which modern people find hard to ingest. Silky fowl is getting popular especially among Japanese women.

Silky fowls are alkaline food, as seaweed and green vegetables!?

What is alkaline?

Chicken is usually acidic property, as same as with pork and beef. But amazingly, meat of silky fowls is Alkaline property. Alkaline food includes seaweeds and green-vegetables.

Acidic food produces blood with high in fat and cholesterol. If you take too much of Acidic food, it could cause heart problems and diabetes. However, alkaline food reduces cholesterol in blood by linoleic acid, EPA, DHA, and lecithin, which are good for activating blood circulation, relieving fatigue, building up immune system.

Silky fowl as a medicine.

In Chinese medical books, eating not only the meat of silky fowls, but also bones, organs and eggs is effective for nutritional fortification and infertility. Even in Japan, many people knows that they are affective for adult disease, such as diabetes, liver ailment, high blood pressure, stroke, neuralgia.

Present and future of silky fowls

Silky fowls lay much less eggs compares to chicken, also they are hard to breed, so they had been very precious birds. Recently, increasing of stable breeders made people easier to get silky fowls at shops and restaurants.