Yakitori Column

vol 04Beach BBQ in Japan

So, here it is….. A scorching hot day in Japan at the beach and all your friends are coming with food, barbeque sets, coolers full of beer and soft drinks, and lots and lots of YAKITORI!!

Yes, this is your typical beach BBQ. In my country (Canada) it’s illegal to bring alcohol or start any kind of fires (BBQ) on the beach. Crazy I know.

I guess one has to think of safety but I’ve never seen any problems here in Japan.

A day or two before the party everyone talks to each other on the phone and decides who is bringing what to the BBQ. One person is in charge of the BBQ sets and coal, another person is in charge of the plates and glasses (usually plastic) and then there’s the food. One person would probably bring the vegetables while the others bring the meat. The favourite here of course if “YAKITORI” from Tohko Foods Co.,Ltd.

“Yakitori” is a variety of meat, seafood and vegetables on a skewer. Sometimes pre-cooked or raw. Other than meat, noodles are often brought for the final small meal after the main course.

Nice warm weather, friends, great food and a little alcohol makes for a great day at the beach. Gotta get out here and try it sometime.

Thanks for listening and until next time…See ya