The Science of Yakitori & Yakitori

Grilling Tips

Controlling the Heat

Controlling the heat is probably the hardest part of grilling..Meat is cooked when the internal temperature reaches between 75 and 80℃. Sometimes it is hard to judge if it is cooked inside the meat because the surface temperature gets up to 200 to 300℃ and starts to get burnt and hence as if it is well cooked. You may need to check the internal temperature by poking a thermometer into the meat or cutting it half.

A Note on Gas Cooking

When cooking with gas often the food is cooked on the outside but not on the inside because of the flame that it creates. To cook food properly inside by grilling, it’s important to change the heat to radiant heat, blocking the direct flame. Use an iron plate with holes in it and put in an asbestos mesh, which absorbs heat. Do not put the food on a direct flame to cook it fast as it ruins the taste.

Indirect Grilling

Indirect cooking is transforming a direct flame to radiant heat and adding convected heat. Indirect grilling cooks food at a constant temperature. Enamel stoves, iron plates, stones, sand, clay pots and salt are used as an intermediary body for indirect grilling and cooking.. These should be heated 200 to 250℃. Stones, sand and salt get up to around 300℃ when they are heated. When using these you can cook food without burning it as they produce some heat themselves. In that way, stone cooked potatoes are probably the best way of cooking potatoes.