About Yakitori (Japanese Chicken Kebabs)

Chicken wings

Crispy skin with juicy meat.

Japanese Name

Tebasaki, Tebamoto


The ends of chicken wings have a small amount of meat with a bigger amount of skin. The part closest to the breast has the lease amount of skin the two different parts of the chicken are separated by a joint but this can also be eaten. Chicken wings are known for their high fat and gelatin content and hove a rich taste.

  • High in fat and gelatin, has rich taste.
Yakitori memo
  • Chicken wings contain a large amount of collagen. Collagen to make veins stronger, and contains a lot of elastine and also Vitamin A rich is good nutrition for the skin.
  • Not only grilling, but also deep frying is popular for young and old.
  • Yand Kuei-fei, one of the most beautiful ladies in ancient times, liked to have stewed chicken wings. Generally, chicken has lot of nutrition, including Vitamin A, which keep skin look healthy. Chicken wings are full of collagen which helps to connect cells and world as a foundation of bones.
Chicken wings
Energy (kcal)
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