About Yakitori (Japanese Chicken Kebabs)

Chicken gizzard

Chewy texture with a unique taste.

Japanese Name



Chicken gizzard is like a strong rubber stomach with stone and sand in it. Chicken have beaks but don’t have teeth, so when they swallow food they pound it down in their stomachs. The muscles in chicken stomachs are therefore well developedl.

  • Gizzard doesn’t have much protein or fat, but has a lot of zinc in it. Zinc helps our metabolism, and keeps our sense of taste and smell.
Yakitori memo
  • Gizzard has a unique texture. Some people who don’t like chicken organs often like chicken gizzards. Some teppanyaki and yakitori restaurants call gizzards‘motsu’.
  • Chicken gizzards don’t have a strong taste so sprinkle some salt and lemon juice on them to add flavor.
  • Eating gizzards with other foods containing vitamin B helps to absorb zinc into the body, and even more with citric foods. Zinc is usually good for preventing hair loss, and helping men’s fertility.
  • Fresh gizzard can be eaten raw, and is good for sashimi.
Chicken gizzard
Energy (kcal)
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※Per 100g (actual measument)