About Yakitori (Japanese Chicken Kebabs)


Gristle is a popular part for Japanese people, especially when drinking beer or sake.

Japanese Name

Nankotsu. Guriguri, Shoukotsunannkotu, Genkotsu

  • A relatively soft part at the top end of the breast bone, shaped like a‘Y’.Gristle encompasses breast gristle, thigh gristle, and knee gristle.
  • Also, thigh joints can be this part as well.
  • Breast gristle is also called Yagen in Japanese, and in recent times is used commonly in Yakitori.
  • Knee gristle is also called ‘Genkotsu’, keep-frying is the most popular way of cooking this part.
Yakitori memo
  • Gristle doesn’t have any specialist taste, but you can enjoy it both grilled and deep fried. It’s perfect with a glass of beer!
  • Gristle has the lowest calories out of all the chicken.
  • Breast gristle \s are very easy to cook & skew, but they get harder and more yellow if over cooked.
  • The bone in knee gristle is very smooth, so you cannot eat it without cooking it well. Be careful not to overcook after the fat is removed.
Energy (kcal)
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